About me…

​I once served my country as an Royal Air Force serviceman, I served in Afghanistan and survived. I saw things that no man should ever see and have paid the price for that spiritually, physically and most keenly emotionally. I promised myself if I survived that I would leave the military, lead a life of peace and try to make the most of my life. That was many years ago, since then I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and a decent job. I won’t lie to you and say that I walk through life with rose tinted glasses on, I have my ups and downs, I am as imperfect a human being as I have ever met, but I know I am much more fortunate than most. My hobby is photography, it provides me with a way to share my thoughts and feelings, so I guess it’s going to be quite a mix of different ideas and styles that you see in this blog. Thanks for taking the time to read this, enjoy the photos. Just before I go I want you to do one thing: take a look back on your entire life and think; have I lead a good life? And if not, how can I start? Know one thing, it’s never too late to start….


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