Upcoming photography projects

Decided to share some of my upcoming photography projects with you guys.

  • Self portrait.  At the moment I am thinking of doing quite a moody styled black and white close up self portrait.
  • Light painting.  I am looking to do many different experiments with light painting.
  • Documentary photography.  I am planning on documenting every day life in black and white around my house. Maybe done as a photo a week  compiled into a 52 photo project.
  • Super resolution photos.  I am planning on shooting a cityscape or a landscape and creating some super high resolution images, lots of detail, I am thinking this will work best with a cityscape but shall see.
  • Long exposure photography, planning on doing some long exposures in a national park near me, going to try and get some dreamy shots of some lakes.
  • Wedding photography.  In November I shall be traveling to Thailand to photograph my brother in law’s wedding.  Whilst I am there I will also be doing a lot of travel photography and documenting every day life of my wife’s family who live in Thailand.
  • Film photography.  I will be dipping my toes into the film photography genre, starting at the wedding.  
  • Photography hacks.  I am thinking of adding some posts of photography hacks and DIY ideas, in the form of step by step instructions with illustrations.

These ideas are on top of my usual travel photography around Wales and England.  So let me know if you guys have any other ideas and what you think about the upcoming projects, would be grateful for any feedback.