A small day trip to the countryside.


My wife and I decided to go for a quiet drive in the countryside recently and he worked upon a quaint country town called Crickhowel. Here are some photos of our day out.

My beautiful wife

War memorial

Hope you enjoy,

Have a great day.

The weekend

So this weekend I decided to go to the city and watch a movie, called Deepwater Horizon. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the movie, I think it accurately showed the dangers they faced and the bravery of some of the crew, whilst also showing exactly whatthe BP executives are truly like.

Above, my wife on the way to the movies.
My wife and I decided to leave fairly early in the morning and get lunch and dinner out as a treat. So for lunch we had a burger in an American 1950’s styled rock and roll diner.

The diner was called Mattia’s diner in Cardiff, I would highly recommend it.

After the movie and some shopping decided to get some lunch in a Japanese restaurant, both of us picked Teriyaki chicken and rice with gyoza and green tea for our dinner.

My Instagram…

So I am very new to the world of blogging and I’m very much enjoying the process of recording stories for my work, but i am also aware that I have significantly more work available for you guys to look at on my Instagram account. So if you feel like checking out my work please feel free to follow me @jaseandda on Instagram or click here:

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Tredegar House

Day trip to a manor house.

Recently my wife and I decided to go out sightseeing and enjoy the sun on what must have been the last day of summer. Here are some photos from that little trip. It was quite an odd day for the weather, sometimes grey and others beautiful and sunny.  Any constructive critiquing of my work is welcome.

The little guy you see above was probably my favourite bit of the whole trip.  I love nature and wildlife and just couldn’t get enough the little guy.  Very cute and inquisitive lol.

Above, the 1930’s styled bathroom was personally my favourite room in the house.

The cafe was tremendously busy (and honestly very over priced)

My wife absolutely loved it there.

Decided to do some people watching lol.

The shoot of a boy and his father is perhaps the one I’m most proud of on this trip.

Just a random Dalek in a stable, cos, you know…. Lol.

Well that concludes my trip, hope you guys like the photos. Let me know what you think and any critiquing is also welcome.  Have a great day!